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More Comming Soon (4/24/2014)

Ebay Parody Ads

  • Ebay Ad #1 - This ad is a parody on people who are selling basically junk motorcycle parts that should just be thrown away on ebay.
  • Ebay Ad #2 - This is a parody on people who brag up a bike as some kind of "one of a kind" miracle bike with some kind of crazy back story.
  • Ebay Ad #3 - This is a parody on basically if you're selling anything related to Maico at all it's worth its weight in gold.
  • Ebay Ad #4 - This is a parody on those people on ebay who post an ad that looks like they are selling cheap parts but in reality they are selling a list of where to buy the items. Typically this happens with electronics but here's a spin on motorcycles.

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