You are bidding on one of the meanest Honda bikes in existance, the Honda Peanutbutter Cup! This bike is so much meaner than the Elsinore or even the Honda Strawberry Shortcake. This rare bike is one of a kind, Honda used to give out peanut butter cups to people who were buying these bikes and I still have the original! This bike is so clean you can eat peanutbutter cups off the motor! This bike was so mean that the first person who rode it their arms ripped off from the wind resistance and this is documented in the 1976 off road magazine test. NASA used this engine to power the Apollo 20 into space, there's a picture of the astronauts kicking over the motor before take off!

This bike comes with extra parts: a box of used diapers, sour milk from 1976 and a box of regirgitated chocolates.


This page is a parody.