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"Kraftfahrzeuge Trunkenpolz Mattighofen". ""Kraftfahrzeuge" stands for "Motor Vehicles", "Trunkenpolz" for "Hans Trunkenpolz" and "Mattighofen" which is the location of where the company is based "Mattighofen, Austria". KTM did not manufacture motorcycles until 1953; previously it was a metal working shop.

KTM was renamed in 1955 to "Kronreif & Trunkenpolz Mattighofen" when Ernst Kronreif became a shareholder of the company. I guess luckily for him the "K" was available and already in the name of the company. The following are some notable facts about the company.

  • The 1981 KTM 495 is known as the fastest stock motorcycle, clocked at 123 MPH.

  • The 1982 KTM 495 was named the best open class bike of 1982.

  • KTM was the first to produce liquid cooled 4 strokes.

  • In 1986, KTM became the first to include both front and rear disc breaks.

In 1968 John Penton introduced a brand of motorcycle known as "Penton". These were modified KTMs which originally featured a Sachs engine but later models used the KTM's engine. The Penton motorcycles also featured other goodies such as improved suspension. Penton manufacturing was taken overy by KTM in 1978.

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