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Tom Nelson's Bikes

1987 CR500 off the top of Sand MT Back to front side

(Left to Right) 1987, 1986, 1984 CR500

My favoritate CR500 I had, 1986!

1990 Suzuki RM 125

1986 Honda CR80

1993 KTM 550 aka 500 Eater

1993 KTM 550 at the top of Sand MT waiting for the slow 500s.

1994 KTM 550 ported and toyed my 1993 KTM 550

1996 KX 500 Fast!!!!

1986 KX500 and 1996 KX500 the 86 made the 96 feel small and weak.

1983 IT 490..Race Gas, DG Pipe and hold on the tub of shit is faster than all of my CR500s I've owned..not quicker but faster

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